Specialized Trailers Supplier

China HugeIron (SinoTrailers) – a KunTa Group company, supplies specialized trailers and other special heavy transport equipment to move oversize and abnormal cargo.

What specialized trailers we supply

Modular trailerSPMTlowbed trailer, heavy haul trailer, high girder bridge, wind blade trailer etc.

SinoTrailers supplies alll kinds of modular trailers can be connected with: goldhofer trailerscheuerle InterCombinicolas MDEDcometto 51M.

Self propelled modular transporters from SinoTrailers are also compatible with: scheuerle SPMTgoldhofer PST.

What can we do for you

With our knowledge, experience and high safety and quality standards, we can offer our clients unique products and services with a full range of activities in heavy haul transportation, and we can always offer you a safe and cost-effective way for heavy road transport.

As our slogan “quality, customer, credibility, and service” implies, we endeavor to be something more than just a factory of heavy transport equipment. We look upon you as a partner, not only for today but also for tomorrow. Our aim here is to act as a true long-term partner by providing great products with across-the-board technical training and assistance.

Wherever you are, SinoTrailers will always offer a wide range of heavy transport equipment and provide you an economic and effective solution for heavy load transport.

  • Design, manufacture and sales of modular trailer, shipyard transporter, self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and other heavy haul trailers.
  • OEM equipment production for specified project need.
  • Full set of after sales service, we offer onsite training and field commissioning.
  • Lifetime spare parts supply.
  • Customized design & tailor made full set heavy abnormal load and oversize load transportation equipment/attachments solution.
  • Technical back up for client transport project.
  • Equipment financial and leasing service.