Wind Tower Trailer, Schnable Trailer, Tower Adapter

Wind tower trailer
Wind tower trailer

Wind tower trailer, schnable trailer, tower section adapter

Wind tower section and rotor blade(blade trailer) usually are over-length goods which make it difficult to transport them. Extendable telescopic trailer is an economic and convenient way to transport those long blades.

Some huge wind mill’s height near 200m, tower’s length reaches 135m, weighs over 6,000t in total, diameter over 3 meters, our trailer and adapter will be your reliable equipment to move them.

Three booms extendable telescopic beam matches with Goldhofer THP/SL trailer, designed for logistic of particularly long cargo like wind tower section.

China SinoTrailers also provides schnable adapter to improve transportation and logistic efficiency of wind tower sections.

In addition, custom design and custom made of wind energy trailers are available from us.