Modular Trailers, Multi Axle Trailer

4 axle-lines hydraulic modular trailer

4 axle-lines hydraulic modular trailer

Supply hydraulic modular trailers in China, multi axle trailers and hydraulic platform trailer with towing bar and hydraulic gooseneck for road transport of oversize and Abnormal Load equipment. The draw bar can be replaced by powered gooseneck which can increase maneuverability and payload capacity of the hydraulic platform trailer.


  • All wheels steerable
  • Hydraulic axle(suspension)
  • Platform height is adjustable
  • Safety valve in hydraulic circuit
  • End by end combination and side by side combination of each module are available
  • Small turning radius, 55° steering angle with hydraulic gooseneck
  • Both automatically and manually steering.

What Can Modular Trailer Do

Transportation of oversize and overweight equipment like generator, transformer, gas turbine, windmill, nuclear reaction tower, etc in Power, Petroleum, Shipbuilding, Railway bridge construction. Hydraulic modular trailers module is able to handle heavy haulage demands placed by long distance transportation on the roads as well as the special requirement involved in moving enormous and abnormal loads and construction units on site. Each trailer module could be connected end by end and side by side, to finish some tough transport job normal trailer can not do.

Type N3.0-1 N3.4 N3.0-2 G3.0 N3.0-3
Platform Width (mm) 2990 3400 2990 3000 2990
Wheelbase (mm) 1550 1600 1550 1500 1550
Platform Height (mm) 1070±300 1070±210 1080±325 1175±300 1070±300
Min. Height (mm) 770 860 755 875 770