Turntables Bolsters

3,000 tons turntable bolster for ALE UAE
3,000 tons turntable bolster for ALE UAE

3000 tons capacity turntables bolster for ALE Middle East Project. The bolster adapts in rough conditions.

Turntable bolster in Bahrain
Turntable bolster in Bahrain

Equipped with hydraulic cylinders turntables and bolsters are able to automatically follow the steering of China modular trailer and tractor.

When prime mover turning, hydraulic pressure from the front turntable will be passed to the rear bolster, then the steering cylinder will pull or push suspension via tie rod to realize simultaneous steering, just image the long cargo as a steering rod.

Different types of turntable bolster can be supplied to fit with Goldhofer THP/SL, Scheuerle InterCombi, Nicolas MDED, Cometto 51M, Scheuerle SPMT and Goldhofer PST SPMT.

Features of SinoTrailers Turntable Bolster

  1. Reduce turning radius.
  2. Increase steering angle and stability.
  3. Spread concentrated weight via distribution bolster.
  4. Protect long cargo away from twist force.
  5. Hydraulic jacking up system help to lift cargo.
  6. Simultaneous steering system integrated.