Extendable Trailers, Telescopic Trailers

Extendable Trailer
Extendable Trailers

Extendable trailer and telescopic trailer for sale from China SinoTrailers (HugeIron) are widely used for long cargo transport, especially for windmill parts logistics, such as wind blade, wind tower section, and turbine. The stretchable telescopic beam could be 2 or 3 parts. Total length can reach up to 60 meters.

The extendable trailer’s original design is using the mechanical axle, just like a low-bed trailer connect with a telescopic beam to make its length adjustable, so enable the trailer to adapt to different lengths of cargos.

The telescopic beam could be mounted in other semi-trailers, giving you an extendable flatbed trailer, extendable drop deck trailer as well as extendable lowboy trailer.

Design of the telescopic beam

Telescopic single-beam

Telescopic single beam with three extensions
Telescopic single beam with three extensions

This design of the extendable trailer is the newest, making the most extended length of the trailer. The trailer’s most significant feature is that the three extensions are in the front of the trailer.

The single-beam can reduce the telescopic beam’s weight to the most and lightweight the trailer in a good way.

Reinforced single-beam

Extendable telescopic beam with 3 extensions
Extendable telescopic beam with 3 extensions

Above telescopic beam has three or four extensions, can make the trailer’s total length extended up to 50 meters. The extendable beam’s size is up to 30-40 meters, with customized and different dimensions as options.

The gooseneck in the drawing is a conventional fixed neck. Modular trailer’s hydraulic gooseneck can be an option to connect with the extendable beam.

Extendable double-beams

Telescopic twin-beam extension
Telescopic twin-beam extension
Double beams, three front telescopic extensions, and one rear extension
Double beams, three front telescopic extensions, and one rear extension

The two axle-lines rear trailer is a hydraulic multi-axle trailer. The maximum turning angle is more than 45 degrees. The length of the rear extension is up to 8 meters.

For our initial design of the extendable trailer, we used a two-girder telescopic extension. This twin-beam is also a kind of reinforced type. But if the total length is more than 45 meters after we extend the trailer’s telescopic beam, the trailer’s weight is very hard to control.

The option of folding extension in the rear of the extendable trailer

The folding extension can replace the extendable rear beam to reduce the thickness of the platform deck, furthermore to minimize the height of the trailer.

Features of Extendable Trailers

Three options of axle: mechanical leaf spring suspension, hydraulic axle suspension, and airbag suspension.

The hydraulic steering system minimizes the turning radius, increases the flexibility of the whole trailer.

Hydraulic modular trailers are options to replace the rear axle module, to increase payload capacity and maneuverability.

All wheels steerable.

When no-load, the telescopic beam can drawback to shorten the total length of the extendable trailer.

Extendable telescopic beam/boom protects wind turbine rotor blade from any damages or distortions during logistic, it just performed like bracket holder of the rotor blade. Please go blade trailer if you need to know more info.

Strong Version Telescopic Trailers

Telescopic beam for hydraulic trailers
Telescopic beam for hydraulic trailers

Sometimes we can use the extendable trailer to transport the windmill blades and transport other heavier and longer cargos.

As a manufacturer, we also produce a more robust version of the extendable telescopic beam. The unique design combines Goldhofer trailer hydraulic trailer, and the beam can also connect to other specialized trailers like Scheuerle trailer and Nicolas trailer. The beam has the function of connection between gooseneck and rear axles, also can bear weight on top of it.

The telescopic beam can extend (stretch out) from 10 meters to 30 meters, and other customized dimensions are available.