Flatbed Trailers

40' 3 axles flatbed trailer
40′ 3 axles flatbed trailer

We supply specializedand custom flatbed trailers for container transport. The trailer is a flat platform on top of 2, 3 or more axles, it has an entirely flat, level body without sides or roof. CKD and SKD of flatbed trailer is available. If you you need a container chassis trailer, please click here for more information.


  • Multi purpose
  • Custom trailer is available
  • Double pipe air shoe brake
  • 24 voltage electric system

Specifications of Flatbed Trailers

Type40 FT JP40 FT ZP
Size (mm)12,250X2,490X1,49012,250X2,495X1,530
Gross Weight (kg)28,00040,000
Curb Weight (kg)6,0007,800
Capacity (kg)22,00032,200