Cleaner Trucks, China Street Sweeper Trucks

The cleaner trucks for sale from China Hubei province. The vacuum cleaning sweeper is the best option to keep the city clean, for curb cleaning, vacuuming or sweeping and spray water to reduce dust.

Cleaner truck
Cleaner truck

There are two types of cleaner trucks we supply:

1. Dry dust – Vacuum cleaner trucks

Steet cleaner truck
Street cleaner truck, it uses an enlarged vacuum suction mouth to boost the performance of the cleaning truck, in the back of the truck there are four big filters

The purpose of this type of dry dust vacuum cleaner truck is to vacuum dry dirt off the street directly, in other words, it just likes the vacuum cleaner in your home. Due to the truck has several big filters inside, it can only vacuum dry dirt without water.

For this type of truck, sweeping brushes are optional parts for dust-removal and suction.

If you need a truck to wash the road with water and suction all the garbage with water, please see wet dust – vacuum sweeper truck under below.

Due to the dry dust-removal cleaner truck only spray water after vacuum suction to reduce dust, we can turn the sprinkler off if the temperature is below zero degrees. So the working temperature of the truck is from -50°C to +50°C.

Efficiency of cleaner truck vs. manpower

Normally manpower efficiency is 600m2 per hour. The cleaner truck efficiency is 32,000m2 per hour (average speed is 10km/h). If the working hours is 6 hours, the cleaner truck can clean the area 192,000m2. So we can see that the efficiency of one cleaner truck is equal to that of 53 labors of manpower.

Cost comparison cleaner truck vs. man power

Cleaner truck Man power
Quantity 2 53
Month cost(each person) US$400 US$300
Annual cost(total) US$9,600 US$190,800
Annual fuel cost US$8,500 0
Annual filters, tools cost US$100 US$1,400
Annual maintenance US$3,000 0
Annual depreciation US$7,500 0
Annual total cost US$28,700 US$192,200
The comparison sheet is based on cost in China

We can learn from the above sheet clearly, to clean the same area, the running cost of cleaner trucks is only 15% of the cost of manpower. The comparison data is collected from China, if it is in Europe or North America, the percentage will drop accordingly.

2. Wet dust – Vacuum sweeper truck

Road sweeper truck
Road sweeper with big brushes, it can vacuum water and garbage at the same time

The sweeper truck can wash the road with high-pressured water, sweep and vacuum wet dirt in one operation. It combines the function of a road sweeper and a high-pressure water cleaner.

At the beginning of the cleaning process, the sprinkler in the front of the truck sprays water on the road, and the water can clean some stubborn stain by its high pressure.

After that, the truck uses the sweeping brushes to sweep the garbage to the vacuum head then suck them up in the tank of the sweeping truck.

The sweeping brushes are able to clean sidewalks which are higher than the motorway.

Features of China cleaner truck

  1. The large sweeper disk ensures high sweeping efficiency
  2. Adopts SINOTRUK’s chassis
  3. The secondary engine(Cummins) ensure all functions of cleaning
  4. Independent sweeping system(left and right)
  5. Square/road sweeping mode
  6. Pratissoli high-pressure water piston pump(20MPa) and clean water tank(9m3) ensure wet cleaning
  7. Stainless steel garbage tank
  8. Hydraulic dumping unloading system
  9. Wide sucking mouth reaches up to 2,418mm width ensure high sucking efficiency
  10. Adapts different climates and different pavement conditions
  11. High-pressure spraying system for dust suppression
Street sweeper
Street sweeper spraying water during dumping, to reduce dust spread

Advantages of the water sweeping truck

High performance and environmental-friendly. The entire process of the cleaning no secondary pollution generated, and no chemical waste. The rear spray system effectively reduces the sweeping dust in the air.

High-efficiency in sweeping, rinsing.

Full laser cutting and one-time argon-fluorine welding 304 stainless steel water tank, and garbage tank.

Self-cleaning of the dust tank can help to clean the dirt adhered to the inwall of the tank.

The truck is equipped with a 20 meters hose reel, enables the operator to clean the surface of the truck.

Easy maintenance: 90% parts of the road sweeper truck are assembling parts, all parts are interchangeable, easy for replacement, and maintenance.

Multiple functions:

  1. Road sweeping
  2. Road washing
  3. Roadside washing
  4. Low water pressure washing
  5. Spray water for dust reduction
Street sweeper drawing
Street sweeper drawing, clearly displaying the layout of all main parts

Main specification of cleaner truck

  1. Suction inlet width 2,418mm
  2. Water spray width 2,800mm
  3. Water tank 9m3 (wet sweeper truck)
    • For dry dust cleaner truck, the water tank (304 stainless steel) is 2.5m3
  4. Garbage tank 7m3 (wet sweeper truck)
    • For dry dust cleaner truck, the garbage tank (304 stainless steel) is 8m3
  5. Sweeping range
    • The truck can sweep and vacuum from dust to 80-100mm stones, bricks, leaves, water bottles, and other debris in one operation.
    • The suction inlet is up to 2,418mm width, almost reaches the width of the truck. The water spray width is up to 2,800mm, can increase the spray efficiency.

Please contact us if you need detailed specification.

Consists of cleaner truck

Road cleaner truck drawing
Road cleaner truck drawing, you can see the layout of the suction inlet

1. Spraying system

  1. High-pressure water pump
  2. Sprinkle pump
  3. The middle sprinkle nozzle mounted in the suction mouth, prevents contamination during the process of brushing and high-pressure water cleaning.
  4. Water tank
  5. Rear sprayer system
    The rear sprinkler system has more than 10 sprinkling nozzles at the rear of the sweeper. The auxiliary engine drives the high-pressure pump directly, no need to turn on the engine of the sweeper truck.

Pratissoli pump

Using Italy Pratissoli high-pressure water pump to generate pressured water, durable and reliable.

2. Sweeping system

  1. Two sweeping brushes
  2. The speed of sweeping disk brush is adjustable, adapts various road conditions: municipal road, freeway, overpass, square, airport, port, and tunnel.

3. Filter system

There are 4 filters on the top of the truck, before the air outlet in the garbage tank. Please note that only dry type dust vacuum truck equipped with the filters. Wet dust water spray sweeper trucks can not use such filters.

4. Vacuum system

  1. Suction inlet
  2. Fan
  3. Trash tank

5. Travelling system

  1. Sinotruk automobile chassis
  2. MAN engine, details see below paragraph

6. MAN engine

The chassis’s main engine is the newest generation of the MAN engine, Euro VI. This makes the chassis to the world-class chassis. The chassis is manufactured by Sinotruk.

7. Second (auxiliary) engine

The function of the auxiliary engine is supplying power for the hydraulic oil pump, high-pressure water pump, and fan.

Hydraulic oil pump drives two sweeping brushes extend-retract, move up-down, and spin. Sweeping brushes bring garbage from both sides to front of the suction inlet.

In the suction inlet, there are high-pressure water sprinklers to rinse the dirt off the ground. In the end, the last move is vacuuming all garbage with water via the negative-pressure.

The auxiliary engine is Cummins 160 EFI engine.

8. Control system

CAN-bus control system including alarm and monitoring system. Enable the driver to observe the truck and surroundings in-time during the sweeping process.

sweeper truck
Sweeper truck

As a manufacturer, SinoTrailers provides cleaner trucks with easy maintenance, simple operations, and less easy-wearing parts replacement. It helps you to improve the quality of the outdoor environment at low operating and maintenance costs.

Custom-made road sweeper truck is available.

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