Heavy Haul Trailers, High Girder Bridge

400 tons heavy haul trailer
400 tons heavy haul trailer

Heavy haul trailer adopts high girder bridge frames (beam sets) to transport weight concentrated cargo especially huge transformer. It is able to bolsters to distribute abnormal weight to hydraulic modular trailer and use the girder bridge to lower traveling height, enable oversized cargo to pass through under bridges and tunnels so that the transport job will be authorized by road authorities. The trailer together with the girder, we call it a heavy haul trailer or girder trailer. Customized girder frames are available, we can make the girder to fit your existing hydraulic modular trailer.

Features of heavy haul trailer

  • Adjustable height of girder bridge (optional).
  • Follow up (automatic) steering and manual steering.
  • Adjustable width of girder frame.
  • Detachable girder frames to adapt different lengths cargos.


Type Girder Trailer
Capacity (kg) 250,000-600,000
Girder Width (mm) 4,000-6,000
Girder Length (mm) 10,000-16,000
Lifting Height (mm) 600