355/65-15 Tires for SPMT and AGV

China 355/65-15 tires for sale from SinoTrailers

Composition of tire
Composition of tire

355/65-15 tire is a type of industrial tire which specialized for heavy load vehicle running at a low speed. To adapt to different scenarios, the tire can be a solid tire, a tube tyre or a tubeless tire.

Profile view of 355/65-15 tire
Profile view of 355/65-15 tire

Features of 355/65-15 tires

  1. High carrying capacity
  2. Can withstand high torque during steering
  3. During heavy load, the tire fit with the rim closely to avoid damage of rim
  4. The wide tire can touch the ground thoroughly to distribute weight evenly
  5. The enhanced structure can increase rigid of the tire and decrease the deformation of it
  6. Elastic rubber buffers the heavy-loads efficiently
  7. Strong base rubber prevents slip between tire and rim
  8. Specialized tire rubber increases milage and improves performance of fatigue resistance
  9. Thoroughly work out the thread problem in the tire
355/65-15 tubeless tire for sale
355/65-15 tubeless tire for sale

355/65-15 24 PR tubeless E-3 tire

  1. A type of low profile tire
  2. Tread surface of adopts special curve design to reduce wearing
  3. Outer diameter 806mm
  4. Section (profile) width 362mm
  5. Running width 328mm
  6. Ply rating: 24PR
  7. Rim spec: 9.75
  8. Tread pattern: E-3
  9. Diameter: 843 ± 17mm
  10. Section width: 355 ± 12mm
  11. Standard inflation pressure: 1,000 kPa
  12. Payload capacity is 6,000kg at the speed of 25kmh
  13. Payload capacity is 7,800kg at the speed of 10kmh
  14. Easy to change tires
  15. Tires and rims are fitting closely
  16. Specialized for high starting-torque and braking torque SPMT,
  17. The design avoids slipping and keeps airtightness between the tire and rim
  18. Tread base rubber is mainly natural rubber, reinforcing and filling system adopt N234 carbon black and silica.
  19. 1,397mm double-mold vulcanizer 125 minutes
  20. Choosing qualified rubber, cords and carbon black
  21. Improved quality by upgrading the precision of the batching system, and making a better condition of the rubber compound
  22. Have been practiced and tested by self-propelled modular transporter used in POSCO
SIZE 355/65-15 MAX LOAD 6,000KG
Industrial 355/65-15 tire
Industrial 355/65-15 tire

Tread pattern of 355/65-15 tires

Tread pattern passes traction force and braking force, so the design of it depends on types, structure features, using conditions and demands. Choosing a proper thread pattern can extend the life of the tire and guarantee the safety of those running transporters and trailers. The depth of the tread pattern is 22.5mm

355/65-15 tyre in warehouse
355/65-15 tyre in warehouse

The crosswise tread pattern improves traction performance and slope ability effectively. Groove area is around 20.5% of the tread surface area. Reinforcing ribs prevent ruptures in the tire.

Tires can be used for hydraulic modular trailers and SPMTs. Those vehicles are used in relatively narrow areas with more corners, and load is heavier than that of normal vehicles, so superior tires are vital to convoy the transport job.