Goldhofer THP/SL Trailers

China made hydraulic multi-axle trailers compatible with Goldhofer THP/SL modular trailers

Side by side connection of Goldhofer Trailer
Side by side connection of Goldhofer Trailer
Goldhofer THP/SL modular trailer
Goldhofer THP/SL modular trailer


Goldhofer THP/SL trailer is one of the most popular hydraulic modular trailer all over the world. China SinoTrailers is a factory of G3.0 model modular trailer which can be connected and worked together with original Goldhofer trailer in fully condition, especially the most classic type THP/SL.

Difference between Goldhofer trailer and G3.0 is that our steel structure of frame chassis is enhanced. Improvement, modification, trouble shooting, renovation and upgrading of your old GOLDHOFER trailer are also available here in SinoTrailers.

Choosing SinoTrailers G3.0 trailer is a good and economical option for you to expand your Goldhofer trailer fleet.

Specification of G3.0 (compatible with Goldhofer THP/SL Trailer)

  • Chassis frame
  • Slewing bearing
  • Suspension
  • Tire, axle, rim
  • Gooseneck/drawbar
  • Power pack (diesel engine)
  • Swivel arm (steering bracket)
  • Tie rods (steering rods)
  • Steering/lifting cylinder
  • Control panel

Features of G3.0 (compatible with Goldhofer THP/SL Trailer)

  • 100% compatible with originally manufactured THP trailer.
  • Excellent and strong main frame design makes the trailer competent in weight concentrated cargo.
  • Unique slew bearing connects trailer chassis and suspension.
  • Precise steering system save tyre consume.
  • Trailer chassis frame has built-in braking air tank and hydraulic oil tank.
  • Small power pack can be deployed on ends of modular trailer, save more space from trailer’s deck for oversize cargo.
  • Wire control of steering and lifting is an option.
  • Steering cylinders deployed inside trailer’s chassis, provide powerful steering force.
  • Hydraulic energy accumulator and jack make sure trailer’s 600mm lifting distance and smooth moving.
  • Lombardini (Kohler) or Deutz diesel engines for options.
  • G3.0 trailer parts are replaceable with Goldhofer trailer parts.
  • Max steering angle of 1st line is 55°
  • Max capacity of 45 tons per axle-line.
  • Removable heavy lifting ring(eye).
  • Overflow valve protect hydraulic system in case of leakage happens.
  • Optional tail and side lights.
Hydraulic gooseneck for Scheuerle INTERCOMBI
Hydraulic gooseneck for Scheuerle INTERCOMBI

Above gooseneck was made for COSCO who has original modular trailers from SCHEUERLE INTERCOMBI, the neck and the trailer are compatible and it can be connected with GOLDHOFER trailer as well.

What are differences between hydraulic gooseneck and towing bar

Tow bar and hydraulic gooseneck can be chosen for various demands and road conditions. Trailer parts like tire, axle, control panel, power packs and other parts can be used in original Goldhofer THP/SL trailer. Normally powered gooseneck is equipped with small horsepower diesel engine(power pack) and hydraulic cylinders. Here below are differences between them.

  • With goose neck, hydraulic jack(cylinder) in the goose neck will put force on the tractor, no need to put counter weights on the truck(prime mover), and increase payload capacity and maneuverability of modular trailer.
  • In China, gooseneck trailer (semi-trailer) is allowed to run on high-speed road, tow bar trailer (called full trailer) is not allowed.
  • Hydraulic gooseneck can stabilize trailer on high speed drive.
  • When turning in narrow road, manually steering on whole trailer is inevitable, it is easier to use tow bar instead of goose neck.
  • The force of gooseneck press to prime mover is adjustable.
  • Height of kin pin on gooseneck is adjustable, make it easy to remove gooseneck from tractor.
  • Gooseneck can not be worked with 4 or 3 files trailer(when trailer modules connected side by side), only tow bar can go it.
  • When trailer is smaller than 7 lines, it is better to use tow bar. Because short trailer can not conduct enough hydraulic pressure to gooseneck.
  • It is hard to back a draw bar trailer, easy to reverse a neck trailer.
  • For manual control steering, tow bar is easier than neck.

Evolved to Goldhofer PST SPMT

When G3.0 trailer equipped with power pack unit and driving axles, it transformed from trailer to self-propelled Goldhofer PST.

Gooseneck of Goldhofer trailer
Gooseneck of Goldhofer trailer
Goldhofer THP/SL for ALE
Goldhofer THP/SL for ALE
Load test of Goldhofer trailer
Load test of Goldhofer trailer

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