Wind Blade Trailer, Extendable Windmill Trailers

Wind roter blade trailers
Wind roter blade trailers

Wind blade trailer

Wind blade trailers for sale from China. SinoTrailers specialized in the transportation of wind energy industry components and construction of wind power stations. HugeIron is a manufacturer and supplier of specialized transport equipment, offers a one-stop solution for all kinds of difficult transport jobs.

Wind power is an ECO and renewable energy, with no fossil fuel consumption, no carbon emission, and air pollution. Windmill plant construction is booming all over the world. SinoTrailers provide all types of wind blade trailer and custom made the trailer for wind power industry use.

The windmill blade trailer in above photo is similar to Goldhofer’s wind blade trailer. Custom-design trailer is also welcome in our factory.

How to transport windmill blades

The transportation of wind turbine blade equipment belongs to super long and indecomposable large objects. It is technically difficult to protect safety protection equipment without damage and injury. To prevent rear running vehicles from back end collision is a safety difficulty in transportation;

Besides nacelle, wind tower section, and other windmill parts, the wind blade is long and lightweight, also fragile and tender. How to make a safe and efficient transport for those blades is our trailer’s purpose.

If you want to transport the wind blade to mountain areas or pass narrow roads with U turns, you may need a wind blade adapter to solve the problem.

A folding extension beam at rear of a hydraulic multi-axle trailer
A folding extension beam at rear of a hydraulic multi-axle trailer

The purpose of the rear extension beam is to increase the total length of the blade trailer. This is the most cost-effective modification method to increase length.

How to keep safe to transport super long windmill rotor blade on public road

The wind turbines are getting bigger, so the blades are becoming longer as well. So far the wind blades can reach up to 70 meters. Natural disasters affect the progress of transportation operations, causing great difficulties in transportation units. The traffic police should guard transportation in advance to avoid possible accidents during transportation. After the wind power equipment is transported to the site, the transportation and protection vehicles must be required to investigate the road conditions in advance to determine the safe traffic direction to enter the wind power site. At the same time, each vehicle is equipped with a particular vehicle commander responsible for the cars’ safe operation on-site.

Features of rotor blade trailers

The wind blade trailer adopts the pulling structure to extend the length, and the wind blade lies flat on top of the trailer.

The significant feature of the wind blade transport semi-trailer is that it is super long and has longitudinal expansion and contraction. Due to the super length of the vehicle type, the turning difficulty is significantly increased. To overcome driving on the curve, the wind blade transport vehicle is generally equipped with a hydraulic steering system, and the rear axle is fitted with a power station.

Considering the stability and the length of the windmill blade, the rear axle adopts its air suspension system, drawing and pulling the longitudinal beam freely, and has good trafficability.

The windmill semi-trailer of the blade can be more than 60 meters long. It has three or four axle balance type, remote control power steering, and a mass balance block is installed between the front and rear leaf springs, which can change the deflection of the front and rear leaf springs equally and balance the force on the front and rear axles.

The bearing capacity is designed as 60 tons or more, the height of the main chassis frame is 550 mm, the width is 300 mm, the girder is buckle box type, the side beam is 250 mm I-beam, and the minimum cargo loading surface is 850mm.


Hydraulic, air, and mechanical suspension can be options according to different road conditions and specific project requirements.

Air suspension

Airbag suspension of the windmill trailer
Airbag suspension of the windmill trailer

Suspensions of wind blade trailer could use mechanical spring suspension, hydraulic suspension, or air bellow suspension.

The air suspension would be best to protect the windmill blade from possible shock during transportation.

Hydraulic suspension

Wind blade trailer
Windmill blade trailer

Hydraulic windmill blade is an extendable telescopic beam connect with a hydraulic modular trailer, axle numbers could be three or above to adapt different weights of the blades. In this case, the hydraulic wind blade trailer has a bigger steering angle compare to that of the airbag extendable trailer.

The hydraulic suspension blade trailer has a lower cargo platform height than that of the air suspension trailer, also the lifting stroke is wider. The hydraulic suspension has advantages so the cost is higher than the air and mechanical suspension blade trailer.

Mechanical suspension

The mechanical suspension is strong and at low cost, hydraulic suspension is suitable for heavier cargo.

Steerable axles

Hydraulic steering cylinders of the extendable windmill blade trailer
Hydraulic steering cylinders of the extendable windmill blade trailer

The photo shows the steerable axles(bogies). The hydraulic cylinders controlling the steering of the trailer.

Due to the length of the trailer(together with the blade) could reach up to 70 meters, the most suitable way to realize steering is by operator’s manually control.

Extendable telescopic beam

Extendable telescopic beam system, the wind blade trailer's length can reach up to 62 meters
Extendable telescopic beam system, the wind blade trailer’s length can reach up to 62 meters

The telescopic beam blade trailer is extendable to 62 meters. Sliding pneumatic locking system for telescopic boom on both sides.

The reels of wire are air brake hose and electric wire, make sure the brake system and illumination system are working while the telescopic beam extended.

Power pack

Powerpack of the telescopic windmill blade trailer
Powerpack of the telescopic windmill blade trailer

2.5KW power pack system helps the trailer to steer easily.

Control panel

The wireless remote control panel enables the operator to steer the trailer in a safe and convenient way.

Want to transport windmill on mountains? You need the blade adapter.

Wind-blade trailer vs. blade adapter trailer

Both trailers are using to transport windmill blades, but for different scenarios.

Windmill blade trailer


The extendable windmill trailer has a longer length, we can lay down the blade on top of the trailer in a flat position.

The cost of the trailer is lower.


Due to the overlength is more than 70 meters, so the steering radius is big. If we need to transport the blades to mountains, it will be difficult to pass the U bends. In this case, we have to use the help of the below blade adapter trailer.

Windmill blade adaptor trailer


Wind blade adaptor trailer is shorter, which means smaller turning radius, more suitable in mountainous terrain.

Want to know more information about the blade adapter, please click here.


Need extra operator and observer to adjust the angle and position of the blade.

The cost of the blade adapter is higher, and the low bed trailer is also specially designed, so the cost of the trailer is higher than that of a normal lowbed.

If you want to a stronger version of telescopic trailer, click the link to get it!