Scheuerle SPMT

Scheuerle SPMT
S2.43 can be connected with Scheuerle SPMT
Scheuerle self propelled modular transporter
S2,43 is compatible with Scheuerle self propelled modular transporter

Features of S2.43 SPMT(compatible with Scheuerle SPMT)

  1. 2.43 meters wide self-propelled modular transporters. Platform width is narrow enough for standard container transport.
  2. Qualified with CE mark.
  3. High carrying capacity per unit area. Suitable for concentrated transport heavy load cargoes. Platform vehicle carrying capacity up to 10.8t/m^2. Axle carrying capacity is 40 tons per axle line.
  4. With Daimler Chrysler engine.
  5. Electronically controlled multi-mode independent steering system(suspension) able to side move like a crab.
  6. With Daimler Chrysler engine(MTU brand).
  7. 4 tires per axle line.
  8. Could be connected and work with the self-propelled modular trailer of Scheuerle.

Advantages compare with Scheuerle SPMT

  1. Stronger dynamic performance.
  2. Excellent ability to adapt to the environment.
  3. More convenient and efficient operational performance.
  4. Better maintainability.
  5. With higher core component configuration.